Le Mas les Fleurs d'Hilaire

Bed & Breakfast and dinner in Provence


General conditions of sale of a stay in a guest room at Mas Les Fleurs d'Hilaire, 709 chemin de la firmine, 84170 Monteux.
These general rental conditions apply to all room rentals of hosts concluded between the owner of the establishment, SARL FUNKILI (represented by Mr Cyril ARNAL) and the guests of a stay. They are written in French in their original version, which alone is authoritative, taking precedence over any other version translated into a foreign language.

Duration of Stay: the customer who signs these general terms and conditions of sale undertakes for a fixed period of time and may under no circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises.


the prices indicated on the website www.les-fleurs-d-hilaire.com are expressed in euros and are the only contractual rates. They include value added tax at the current rate. Any subsequent modification of the current VAT rate, any creation of new taxes on services occurring between the time when the rates have been determined and the invoicing, will automatically lead to a modification of the price including VAT.

Validation of a reservation

the reservation is made by email or by phone. The reservation is considered firm only after receipt of the deposit collected upon receipt and deductible from the invoice upon arrival of the customer. The deposit must be paid within 5 working days from the date of the booking request at the latest. The deposit is 30% of the total price of the stay with a minimum corresponding to the price of one night per room booked. The payment of the deposit is made by bank transfer, credit card or cheque made out to SARL FUNKILI. The payment of the deposit implies the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale. As soon as the deposit is received, the client will be sent an email of good reception with the details of the reserved service having the value of a contract. If the customer so wishes and requests, a reservation contract can be sent to him by post. The customer is expressly informed that he or she does not benefit from the right of withdrawal.

Cancellation by the customer

any cancellation must be notified by post or e-mail to the owner. In the event of cancellation, the deposit remains the property owner's property. If the guest does not arrive before 7pm on the day scheduled for the beginning of the stay, the owner reserves the right to use his guest rooms. The deposit remains the property of the owner. In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of accommodation remains entirely the property of the owner. The additional services consumed will be due to the owner.

Cancellation by the owner

in the event of cancellation by the seller for reasons beyond his control, the customer is informed as soon as possible by email or telephone. The deposit will be immediately refunded and an indemnity equal to the deposit will be paid as compensation.

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